The History of Hotel Santiago de Cuba

We wanted to make a figurative building that overcame the abstraction that the used technologies could presuppose. It was looked for the identity like cultural experience and of a significant architecture supported in the tradition that kept in mind the value badge of the architectures of metallic roofs of the city, the structures of the sugar power stations and the warehouses of the port.

A reflection that integrates the classic tradition of the Cuban Architecture so much as the compositions freedom in the use of the vernacular elements.

It is for that reason that the covers, the volumetric complex composition, the use of different skins like alternative expressive of the lodging, the integration of the plastic one to the interior design and the intense use of the color, they try to find the synthesis between the architectural memory of the city and the contemporary thing, between the learned thing and the popular thing.

he big dimensions of the project of the Hotel Santiago de Cuba motivated the analysis of eight possible parcels, there being you selected finally one located in the Avenue of America, axis of the urban external development to the historical center and that it had a surface of land of 2.5 ha.

Nigel Alexander Hunt

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